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What we can do for you

Floor Solutions Limited, with its advanced specialized equipment, can pour up to 20,000 sq. ft a day , providing a quick solution for constructions ethic scheduling. Rough and damaged concrete floor may be capped to look like new only adding ¼" in height.


Floor Solutions will guide you in making the right choice regarding which product to use such as Gypsum or Cement based product to meet your project specifications and budget.

Producing heat in a building is of high importance for us Canadians. We can optimize the heat generated from your radiant floor system with a concrete mix that will absorb the warmth and create a comfortable and safe environment. Whether you want a single room or an entire building we can pour to your needs.



Creating a flat and smooth surface is key to producing a high quality floor finish. We can pour laser leveled floors over cracks, different floor types and uneven floors to solve any of your issues and create a fast floor facelift for your renovation or new construction.

Sound proof Quebec


Sound and Fire transmission is always a priority for stacked units. We can supply and install an underlayment that will contribute to building code ratings to obtain a safe and quiet environment. We can also create a quieter living by combining sound mats and underlayments; this will significantly upgrade the acoustical performance of your floor assembly.

Randiant Floor Overpour Quebec
Floor Leveling Quebec

Certified Maxxon Appliactor

Service Listing

  • Gypsum based underlayments with compressive strength of up to 4,500 psi


  • Portland cement based self-leveling underlayments with compressive strength of up to 7200 psi


  • Laser leveled floors


  • Sound control systems for condos , apartments and high-rises combining Acousti-Mat and Enkasonic and underlayments


  • Therma-Floor underlayments for radiant heat systems

  • Encapsulating of VAT tiles containing asbestos


  • Resurfacing damaged concrete slabs


  • Releveling and smoothing of concrete slabs


  • Releveling of wood floors


  • Specification Assistance


  • Systems Advisors for sound and fire control

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